Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer

The Buckeyes were able to complete a spectacular season by not only defeating their arch rival, Michigan, 26-21, but they were able to finish the season undefeated at 12-0, Notre Dame was the only other major school to go undefeated this season.

As soon as the game with Michigan was final, the players, the coaches, and the fans not only realized what they have done, they cheered, celebrated, and let their emotions be free. It looked like the whole Buckeye nation, including members of 2002 Buckeye National Championship team,  which was honored at halftime, really wanted to not only defeat Michigan, but make this season meaningful and worth something by finishing undefeated.

To all the Buckeye fans that were celebrating and were proud of what the team had accomplished this year, I say good for you and congrats. I think we all need to recognize and give the Buckeyes alot of credit on what they have done, it’s truly a remarkable accomplishment and it’s so hard to go undefeated these days.  I feel that the fans should feel great, take in the moment, and take this opportunity to celebrate as much as they want, since they haven’t been able to do much of it this season.

As you all know, Ohio St was punished by the NCAA earlier this year, do to a scandal involving former Buckeye players and former coach Jim Tressel, who was part of the 2002 Buckeye championship team. As part of the NCAA’s punishment, the Buckeyes were issued a one year bowl ban and couldn’t contend for neither a BCS or big ten tittle this season.

With the punishment layed out and the one year bowl ban in place, Many people didn’t know quite for sure what to expect from Ohio St this year,  under these circumstances. Some of the questions being asked about this team included, how would the first year of the Urban Meyer era go, would the team be able to ignore the distraction and the offseason turmoil, and would they remain motivated and competitive, even with the knowledge of no bowl game on the horizon.

As the season was going by, the Buckeyes were not only playing great football, they were winning game, after game, after game, and people eventually took noticed of that and began to wonder how good could this team be. As we got closer to the end of the season, people not only thought that this team was really good and special, but they were comparing this team and what they were doing to what USC did, when they had a two year bowl ban placed on them a few years back.

When USC was serving it’s bowl ban, people thought that they wouldn’t be able to match up with some of the other major schools and couldn’t bring in some of the nation’s top recruits, like they used to. Instead of USC losing a step or two, during the bowl ban, the complete opposite happened. USC was able to not only win games and give the top teams of their conference, the PAC-12, a tough challenge, they were able to maintain and build up their talent. USC was not only playing like a team, with something to prove, they were becoming pretty good and were getting ready to be serious BCS championship contenders, once they were eligible again, which was this year.

I believe that what Ohio St had to go through this season was pretty much similar to what USC had to deal with. Both of them had to find a way to not only remain relevant, focused, and competitive, they had to somehow ignore the fact that they wouldn’t be going to a bowl game, even if they played well.

Even though what the Buckeyes did this season by going undefeated was truly amazing and it deserves alot of credit, it’s alittle bit of a shame that they won’t be able to continue their great season and play in a bowl game. If Ohio St was eligible this season, they would’ve been in the Big Ten Championship game and may have a had a great chance to either play in a BCS bowl or play in the national championship.

Although Ohio St’s 2012 season may not have meant as much as compared to other seasons, Buckeye fans should feel good about several things.

First, Ohio St was able to remain relevant and get talked about alittle bit, by gaining some of the national attention. Second, the team was able to play with a consistent, competitive edge throughout the season and at the sametime was able to produce a possible Heisman contender for years to come in QB Braxton Miller. Then finally third, with Urban Meyer in charge, Ohio St will continue to gather up some of the top recruits from around the country, even with the NCAA penalties and the university continuing to clean up and recover from the aftermath of the Tressel scandal.

Buckeye nation should also feel good that Meyer can still coach and put together a great team and make them championship contenders. Speaking of championship, with Ohio St going undefeated and playing very well throughout the season, and not to mention Miller will be back, they already have put themselves as not only Big Ten Champioship conteders, but also BCS champioship contenders as well for next season, when their eligible again.

If the 2012 season was any preview of what the Buckeyes are going to be under Meyer, their going to have a very bright future ahead of them and they could be the team to watch out next season. I believe that Ohio St can be really good next season and could potentiality become the scariest team to face. I think the Buckeyes could become the favorite to not only win the Big Ten, but maybe the favorite to get to the BCS tittle game and with Meyer as coach, they could be Big Ten and championship contenders for awhile.

Buckeye nation has alot of things to feel good about and with the Meyer era starting out great, things could get better for them as soon as next season. There will be lots of expectations and pressure on Ohio St and they’ll probably start the season as a top 5 team. I think it’s going to be interesting to see how this team does next season and see if they can acheive some of these expectations and continue to be dominate. If Ohio St can be as dominating, as we saw them this season or in year’s past, and doesn’t get ahead of themselves, the Big Ten and the rest of the college football world should be scared and that would make the Buckeye nation happy and rejoiced.