Oh, What a mess for the Jets

Posted: 12th January 2013 by jrs86 in Uncategorized

It’s amazing how fast can things change and if you’re a Jets fan, you know what I’m talking about. The Jets have gone through alot in these last two seasons and they have been a perfect example of how hard it is to compete in the NFL these days, even if you had recent playoff success.

The Jets have not only missed the playoffs in the last two seasons, but they have finished either .500 or below, 8-8 last season, 6-10 this season. It’s hard to believe that it was only three seasons ago, when the Jets not only made the AFC championship game, they were considered super bowl contenders and they had one of the most physical defenses in the league, I bet alot of the Jets fans would love to regain some of that recent success and good times back.

Although the Jets may have been one of the most disappointing teams of the season, did anyone really know exactly what they were going to be this year? Before the season even began, I had alot of question marks about this team, I didn’t know for sure how their defense or offense would play and if QB Mark Sanchez could step up and play better, there was so many question marks surrounding this team and I wasn’t sure about anything.

The Jets not only played horribly this season, they looked like it too, it seemed liked nothing went right for this team at all, everything just looked bad. Sanchez had another rough season and once again was inconsistent, the offense was also inconsistent and wasn’t able to produce anything, and the defense wasn’t able to stop anyone or produce big plays.

The Jets are a mess right now and who knows how long it will take to clean it up. It could take awhile for them to get out of it. They recently began the cleaning process, when they got rid of GM Mike Tannenbaum, after the season was over, and even though they did that, it won’t be enough to help the organization get out of this mess, they’ll have to figure out alot of things and answer some really tough questions about the team in the upcoming offseason.

Before their season even began, the Jets already had some drama going on, when back in the offseason, they bought in QB Tim Tebow. Once Tebow arrived in New York, people were speculating and wondering if he was going to become, at somepoint in the season, their starting QB. Alot of people, including me, thought it could happen, especially if either Sanchez or the team got off to a bad start, and even though both of those things happened, Tebow never got the call to start. I was  surprised that the Jets didn’t make Tebow the starter, when the team was struggling, and I also was  surprised that they didn’t use him as much as they could have. He would’ve been great in either third down situations or as a decoy.

The Jets have alot of issues to resolve before next season starts and some of the issues are going to be tough to solve. The team’s biggest issue, going into the offseason, will be their QB situation and they will have to decide who’s going to be their starter and right now, it looks like it’s going to come down to three people, Sanchez, Tebow, or someone else.

Sanchez has gone through alot in these last two seasons, he has taken some harsh criticism from the fans and the media, he’s been on the hot seat, and had to somehow find a way to ignore the Tebow circus and not get caught off guard from it. Even though Sanchez has always been an up and down QB and have had a few terrible seasons, let us not forget some of the success that he have had in his NFL career. Sanchez not only helped the Jets get to the AFC championship game twice, in his first two years of his career, and made them super bowl contenders, he’s been their starter for awhile now.

I feel that since his last playoff appearance, in 011, Sanchez has been not only more inconsistent and not playing as well he used to be, it seems like his performances have gotten worse and worse since then. In fact, Sanchez’s QB play this season was so bad that towards the end of the season, he got benched by the team was replaced by QB Greg Mcelroy. Based on how Sanchez has performed in these last couple of seasons, there’s now a realistic chance that he may not be starting for the Jets next season.  

I always have liked Sanchez and  always thought he was talented. He’s dealt with the New york media with such class, but he has struggled alot in the past two seasons and haven’t been able to approve his QB play and hasn’t done much recently to make the team better. Since their season is over, the Jets will have to decide on two things about their QB position, determine what to do with Sanchez and try to figure out who will be their next Starting QB.

The Jets have an intriguing QB situation and it’s going to be interesting to see what the team eventually decides on. The biggest question about this situation will obviously be, who will they go with as their starting QB. Will they stick with Sanchez, who’s been their starter for the past four years, will they go with Tebow, who had success with the Denver Bronco’s last season and can bring energy and excitement to a team, or do they go in another direction and pick up a QB in the offseason.

This decision won’t be easy to make, as they must not only decide who’s going to be their starter for next season, but decide who the team believes can make the team better and get them back to their winning ways. Even though Sanchez has been the starter for them for 4 seasons and have had some winning success, he hasn’t been as good as he used to be and have had terrible performances and I don’t know if he can approve or play any better than he has lately.

If I were the Jets, I’d take a good look at Tebow and really find out what he can do as a QB. As we know, Tebow does have some winning experience and can make big plays with not just his arm, but with his feet, he can also bring energy and excitement to not just the whole team, but to all of the Jets fans, which could really use some of it right now. I know that the chances of Tebow staying with the Jets are slim, but, if the team really wants to find the right QB, that could help them win and bring in some excitement, why not give him a chance, he didn’t get one this season and who knows, he might be the guy.   

The QB postion will not be the only thing that the Jets will have to decide on this offseason, they will also have to think about on how to improve both the offense and the defense.

It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t too long ago that the Jets defense was one of the best in the league and now, based on how the defense had been performing in the last two seasons, all I gotta say is, “What happen?” The defense isn’t as good as it used to be, it’s been inconsistent and it hasn’t been able to produce many big plays. I know that their best defensive player, Darrelle Revis was injured for the season, and Bart Scott was also injured, during the season, but even when they were healthy and were  in the line up, the defense still wasn’t good and come up with big plays. The defense is loaded with talent and I believe that it can approve and become dominant again and it could happen as fast as next season. it just has to be more consistent and be able to produce more big plays, hopefully, Revis and Scott can stay healthy and give this defense a boost.

The offense has also been inconsistent recently and Sanchez is not the only reason  why this offense hasn’t been able to produce points or big plays. Unlike the defense, the offense are lacking some playmakers, that can stretch out the field and make big plays once in awhile. Beisdes Sanchez, the only big name offensive player they got is Santonio Holmes, but he hasn’t done much of anything and hasn’t become the playmaker, that alot of people thought he would be, when he came to the Jets a few years ago. The Jets have to find a way to bring in more talent for the offense, either through free agency or etc. I think the offense can get better, it’s not in horrible shape, it just needs more talent and if they are able to bring in that talent, this offense will perform better and it will be able to score points and make it easier for their QB, whoever it is.

Even though coach Rex Ryan didn’t do anything wrong this season and isn’t the reason for the Jets struggles, he probably will take some of the blame and that could put him on the hot seat. I always liked Ryan and have felt that he has done a good job overall, but, with the team not playing well and the pressure from the New York media, I feel that if the Jets continue to struggle or miss the playoffs again, next season could be Ryan’s last in the big apple.

Alot of the blame, from the Jets turmoil, will go towards Sanchez and Ryan, but some of the blame should also go towards the rest of the team and beyond. The Jets are a mess right now and I think they could be like that for awhile, before everything is on the right track again. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Jets decide on some of these tough issues and who knows what direction they’ll go in after these decisions are made.

The team have alot of things to think about this offseason and some of the decisions that they have to make won’t be easy. If the Jets can make the right decisions and make them as soon as possible, not only it would benefit the team, but it could begin the process of cleaning things up and hopefully by doing that, the team will play better and become a playoff team again.