My 2012 NFL season Awards

Posted: 23rd February 2013 by jrs86 in Uncategorized
Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson

I can’t believe that the 2012 NFL season ended a few weeks ago. It seemed like the season went by so fast, it was like yesterday we were preparing for opening night between the Giants and the Cowboys.

What another great season it was for the NFL this year and what a way to end it by having a great super bowl, despite having a 34 minute blackout delay. Like any other season, the 2012 season had it’s own share of moments and storylines that fans talked about and will be remembered for years to come. Some of the moments that the 2012 season was able to produce included Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson, who both came back form serious injuries and had great, productive seasons, the Colts surprising, emotional season, and the performance of the replacement refs.

Chuck Pagano

Chuck Pagano

Usually around this time, football experts and writers are reflecting, reviewing, and discussing about the past season and looking ahead to the next one, I decided that I would like to do the same thing with this article.  

With the Oscars coming up and the NFL already have given out their awards, I thought I would review the season and give out my own awards. Some of the awards that I’m giving out includes player of the year, coach of the year, game of the year, and etc. Down below is the list of awards, that I’m giving out, along with the winners name and reasoning and now, with no further introduction, here are my 2012 NFL awards.

                                                          My 2012 NFL Awards

Rookie QB of the year: Andrew Luck: It’s been awhile since we had a season, that included a couple of rookie QB’s that played well and were to help their teams get them back on the right track. This season, we saw rookie QB’s Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin lll, and Russell Wilson lead their teams to not just alot of victories, but also a trip to the playoffs. This award was very hard to give, I wish I could have given them all the award, they all had such great seasons, but after some serious thinking and comparing what they went through this season, I gave it to Luck. I felt that Luck had the most difficult situation to handle, compared to what the other QB’s had to deal with. Luck had to live up to just high expectations, while trying to help a team, that went  2-14 in 2011, and then had to deal with the Chuck Pagano situation. It was amazing that he was able to remained focus and continue to play well during the season, even under the pressure and circumstances.

Most Surprising team of the season:Minnesota Vikings: This season, we saw a few teams that were under the radar, that surprisingly had good seasons and were able to compete at a high level. Some of those teams included the Bears, Seahawks, and the Colts, but the team that surprised me the most this season were the Vikings. Many people, including me, didn’t know quite for sure what to expect from this team, since they had two major issues to solve before the season began. The biggest question mark heading towards the Vikings season was the health and performance of RB Adrian Peterson, was he going to be himself again or would he be a different player, after his ACL injury from last year. The other question mark was could QB Christian Ponder improve and become a good QB. Ponder not only played well and was much improved, but Peterson was able to overcome his injury and prouduce one of the best seasons that we ever have seen from a RB. Both Ponder and Peterson were the reasons why the Vikings had a good season and were able to make the playoffs.

Most disappointing team of the season: Dallas Cowboys: Their were alot teams, that I felt had disappointing seasons and were up for this award, I had a hard time deciding who should win this one. After looking over the teams and determining which team, I felt, had the most expectations, I choose the Cowboys. The Cowboys were one of the most talented teams in the league and I thought they could get over the hump and get back to the playoffs. I felt the NFC east was so tight and competitive that I thought that the Cowboys were not only the best team in that division, I thought they had a good chance of winning it. Sadly, for the second straight season, the Cowboys lost their opportunity to win the division, in their final game of the regular season.

Best Moment of the season: The Return of Chuck Pagano: One of the most heartbreaking and emotional stories of 2012 occurred this season, when Colts head coach Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia. Nobody knew if Pagano would be able to coach again or how long he would be fighting this disease, know one knew the answers. Then, in the middle of the season, Pagano made an appearance at a Colts home game and afterwards gave one of the most emotional locker room speeches of all-time. Pagano eventually returned to the Colts and was able to coach them to a victory in their final game of the season, he also coached the team in the wild card game against the Ravens. Congrats to Pagano on coming back and I can’t wait to see him coach next season.

Worst moment of the season: The Jovan Belcher incident:  You gotta feel bad what the Kansas City Chiefs had to go through this season. Not only they had a very bad season on the field, but then on Dec 1st, one of their players, Jovan Belcher, fatally shot himself at the parking lot of  their home stadium, Arrowhead. You also have to feel bad for former Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel, former Chiefs GM Scott Pioli, and some of the other staff members, who were not only at Arrowhead that day, but witnessed the suicide. The Belcher incident bought up the issue of guns in sports and asked the question, “Could athlete’s be trusted with guns?” The issue was so controversial that it got Bob Costas in some hot water, when he spoke of it alittle bit at halftime of a Sunday Night football game. The Belcher incident was definitely the worst moment of the entire NFL season, maybe in NFL history, and it won’t be forgotten anytime soon.  

Game of the season: Ravens vs Bronco’s in the Divisional playoffs: The Ravens dramatic win over the Bronco’s was not only one of the best playoff games in years, it included everything that you could think of, even alittle bit of history was made. This game had a comeback by the Ravens, a controversial decision by the Bronco’s, to not try to win the game in regulation with two timeouts and 32 seconds left, and lots of points. Oh, did I mention that this game took about 4 hours to finish and it took two overtimes to get a winner, a first in NFL history. This game had everything and that’s what made it so great to watch and enjoy and hopefully, we’ll get another game like this again soon.

Coach of the Year: Bruce Arians: In my opinion, this was the easiest award to give, you couldn’t ignore what Arians did this season for the Colts. Even with the sudden news of coach Pagano and being named interim head coach, Arians was able to use his experiences and knowledge of the game, to help the team remain focus and not get distracted by the off the field issues. Arians was able to not only coach the team to 9 wins and a place in the playoffs, he was able to get a head coaching job with the Arizona Cardinals. Congrats to Arians for his great success with the Colts this past season and getting the coaching  job with the Cards, I wish him good luck in the dessert.

Besides the Super Bowl Champions(Ravens), the Best team of the season: Atlanta Falcons:  The Bronco’s, Patriots, and the 49ers, were some of the best teams that we saw this season and even though they may have been pretty good, I felt that the best team this season were the Falcons. They were not only the best team that I saw this season, they were the most balanced team in the league. The Falcons had a very good, talented offense, as well as a pretty good defense, and both sides were consistent throughout the season. The team was able to go 13-3 and had home field advantage and almost defeated the 49ers, in the NFC tittle game, to go to the Super bowl. They were also able to win games when either behind and struggling, or win the game in the final seconds. QB Matt Ryan was able to produce his best season yet as a starting QB and coach Mike Smith proved why he’s one of the best coaches in the league today. I believe that the Falcons are really talented and will make another run towards both the NFC tittle and the super bowl next season.

Team to watch out for next season: Seattle Seahawks: What a great season the Seahawks had, they gave the niners all they had to win the NFC west, they were in the playoffs, and were seconds away of beating the Falcons and being one game away of being in the Super Bowl. I think that the Seahawks should be the number one team to watch out for next season, I like how their built, their a physical, aggressive, competitive team, with both a good offence and defense. I like what rookie QB Russell Wilson did this season and I believe that not only he’ll countinue to play great next season, he’s going to do great things for this team for years to come. I also like RB Marshawn Lynch, I’ve always thought he was physical, consistent, and a beast. I think the Seahawks will give the niners another run at the Division tittle next season and they do have a good chance of winning it. The coaching spirit of coach Pete Carroll will this help team continue playing with that competitive edge and they could become a threat to win both the NFC and the Super Bowl.

Player of the Year(MVP): Adrain Peterson:  If there was any fear that Peterson would not be the same player as he was, before suffing an horrible ACL injury in the 2011 season, based on what we saw this season, there is no need to fear anymore. Peterson not only was able to come back and have a very productive 2012 season, he almost made some history as well, as he just came up a few yards short of breaking Eric Dickerson’s 1984 season rushing record. Some people thought that Peyton Manning should’ve been named MVP and I thought you could’ve made a great argument for that, but at the sametime, you couldn’t ignore what Peterson had to overcome and deal with this season. We all knew that the Bronco’s were already talented and were going to be pretty good with Manning as their QB, and as for the Vikings, we didn’t know what to expect from them. Could Christan Ponder improve and play better and would Peterson be able to overcome his ACL injury and be as dominate as he was before, just some of the questions we had about the team this season. Peterson not only made the Vikings better, he was the main reason why they were to compete with some of the better teams and were able to get into the playoffs. Congrats to A.P on having a great, dominating season and can’t wait to see what he has in store for next season.